Tree pruning

Pruning a Tree is one of the best ways to help it conserve water, eliminate diseases and maintain a healthy form.

Money spent pruning Trees is well spent and gives a great return on investment. Healthy Trees add value to neighbourhoods and homes. Tree pruning in Saskatoon has added incredible value to the old Elm forest that we

care for. Pruning a tree today saves a problem tomorrow. 

tree removing

There are times when there is no option but to remove a Tree. This is a hazardous job best left to professionals.

Dismantling a tree around houses and garages can require specialized rigging equipment to lower the wood

piece by piece. Tree removal is the last option but sometimes the right choice. 

Whenever we remove a tree, we offer a 25% off discount on the planting of a new tree.

Tree planting

From small seedlings planted by the hundred thousands in our Northern forests to large landscape trees we can plant them all. Planting the right tree in the right place is a great investment in your future. Planting trees leaves

a legacy for future generations to enjoy. 

Wood chipping

Turn your worthless branches into valuable mulch. Tree pruning and removals are a great way to get mulch.

Urban logging

We try to salvage any quality wood we remove. Using a Logosol chainsaw mill, logs can be turned into slabs

or beams. Turn that problem tree into a bar top! Wood needs to dry out before building with.

Tree removals happen. Let's make them worth it by using the wood.  




Elm wood from a tree removal in 2015. It is

Interesting to see pruning cuts from tree workers from the past. Each tree tells a tale.

Tree removals can turn tree owners into bar top owners. 

Chainsaw mill. Walkerized 660. Tree removal from 2013. Exhibition area. The tree was a Spruce that was over a house and needed to be removed.