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Branch Managers

Nathan is a long time tree planter hailing from Tisdale Saskatchewan.

Nathan's passion for horticulture and strong work ethic help Porcupine Tree Care get the job done right and on time.

Laelia moved in Saskatchewan in 2013 to join the team, her enthusiasm for the environment and business help keep Porcupine Tree Care climbing to the top.

These two stick lovers keep everyone in line, in the office or out quoting.

Quill Shiell

Certified Aborist

Joshua is Porcupine Tree Care's estimator & tree care specialist,  a valuable part of the team thanks to his enthusiasm for aboriculture!

Moving to Saskatchewan in early 2013 Joshua has made the prairies his home, and his favorite tree is the Siberian Larch.

Laelia LeFeuvre

Office Manager

Joshua DeRosa

Certified Aboriculture Technician

Our Tree Care Team

Nathan Haniak

Groundsman / Tree Planter

Quill is owner and Lead branch manager at  Porcupine Tree Care. He has been climbing Trees his whole life, but only making money at it since 2009. 

Quill is a second generation Tree planter from Medstead Saskatchewan.